In Blacklight: Retribution: Best Items, it is important to feature a variety of items. This time, the agenda will centered around a depot item, in the form of the MK1 Assault AI.

Depots are a key component of gameplay. Available in several locations, players replenish their health, ammo, or even spawn a Hardsuit. If players use specific items, they can be game-changers.

What is it?

To explain as simply as possible, the MK1 Assault AI is an AI robot which can be spawned into the match. They operate like the bots in practice mode -essentially as an extra player on the team.

This is useful as it not only will it act as a decoy, it will also attempt to damage enemies. Furthermore, the intelligence of the bot has improved in recent updates/patches of the game. This means it is a lot more prolific at killing opponents, than in the past.

As far as costs go, the Assault AI is 4000GP to buy (completing 25-30 matches), or 250 Zcoins. For those who wish to try before they buy (which is a must), 24-hour rentals are 160GP or 25 Zcoins.

MK1 Assault AI in Menu

Unlike a lot of depot items, the player is not in control of the Assault AI’s actions once sent into battle

Using it with effect

Like the Hardsuit, an Assault AI bots appear from the sky above. Unlike the Hardsuit, the Assault AI is cheaper, costing 500CP from a depot. Players should not confuse this with GP (Game Points), earned post-match to buy items.

The best thing about the Assault AI is that players can use it in a variety of ways. One use can be as a simple ‘tag along’ as you and/or other players are assaulting a capture point. Or, players can spawn the Assault AI in front to make combat/encounters easier.

Because the bot spawns from above, players can use it long-distance. This can catch opponents out, as the Assault AI can strike from behind (like a covert airstrike).

MK1 Assault AI in Heavy Metal

The Assault AI is like the bots in practice mode, and in cases is more skilled than inexperienced players

Things to remember

There are a few things to consider when using the Assault AI (including, but not limited to):

  • As mentioned, an area of the map with open air is necessary to use it in the first place, like when using Hardsuits
  • It is important to know that only one can be active per player, and spawning a second will remove the first
  • The Assault AI will not ‘play the objective’ (i.e. picking up flags or capturing points). It will pursue – and kill – opponents only

As with any item, it’s vital to be aware of the smaller details regarding the use of each weapon. The above points cover the mere basics of the Assault AI.

Double-Kill in Vertigo

The Assault AI is effective at long-distance, catching enemies out from afar

Is it worth it?

The Assault AI is a handy piece of kit to have in one’s armoury. Based from experience, the bot’s is more effective than a lot of low-skill players. Also, it can be a threat to more advanced opponents.

The only issue with the Assault AI is that it can stop moving. This can render the 500CP spent a waste (although this seems to be an in-game glitch more than anything). It is far from perfect, but players shouldn’t feel discouraged from using it.

As an underused (and underrated) item, everyone should try the Assault AI at least once.  Depending on how quick one can gain 4000GP, is a great buy for seasoned players.