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Blacklight: Retribution: Best Items – Proximity Mine

An interesting feature implemented in Blacklight: Retribution is the abolishment of Prime membership. All players are now able to buy any in-game item with GP (Game Points) earned from completing matches.

Those who purchased the Prime membership receivedthe GP Duplicator to reflect the changes. The feature allows those in possession of it to earn twice as much GP per match. This speeds up the ‘grinding’ process for high-cost items, such as tactical gear.

In this series of articles, we will highlight the most effective and interesting gear in the game. Where better to begin than looking at the infamous Proximity Mine?

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What is it?

The Proximity Mine is an explosive placed on the floor, or a wall/object. Unlike grenades, which have a fuse, mines will detonate once a player approaches it. Bullets will detonate it, or it can be set off by an explosion.

This accessory will set you back 4000GP – completing 26-27 matches, at an average of 150GP a go. It is available for 300 Zcoins, which is in-game ‘credit’ bought via the online Store.

Proximity Mine in Menu

It doesn’t just explode, it explodes with violence!

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Using it with effect

The Proximity Mine isn’t something the user should just place anywhere. Setting a clever mine is almost an art form. Even though a random mine may catch out a level-one player, those with experience are a lot more wise to it.

Doorways and capture points seem to be the best places to place Proximity Mines. Yet, players are becoming more wary of mines set on the latter, as it is too predictable. It may be more effective to place them in doorways leading up to an objective, or in the surrounding area.

Domination in Heavy Metal

Placing the Proximity Mine around objectives is a surefire way to kill inexperienced players

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Avoid them yourself

Proximity Mines appear on HRV (a triangular ‘caution’ icon will be visible if a mine is there). Try and use HRV to scan for mines whenever there are no enemies around, as they appear in the most random of places.

A good tip is to scout for enemy mines before going into an important area. The enemy base in Capture the Flag is a popular place, and destroy them before they become a problem.

Although veteran players may still get caught out by the odd mine, it takes experience to avoid them. Those new to Blacklight will not just develop in-game awareness, but also weapon knowledge.

Domination in Decay

A blatant, visible, floating-in-mid-air mine. And there would still be somebody out who won’t notice it

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Is it worth it?

Proximity Mines may not always kill a player, they can still serve as a useful ‘stalling’ tactic. They can often delay opponents from reaching an objective by a few vital seconds.

At 4000GP, it is only worth a buy for those who play objective-based modes. These include Domination, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill.

This particular piece of gear is a long-term purchase. The Proximity Mine’s combination of simplicity and effectiveness is well-favoured a high-level players. All-in-all, it doesn’t hurt to have one around in a time of need!


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