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Blacklight: Retribution: Best Items – Silverwood Combo Scope

Today in Blacklight: Retribution: Best Items, we’ll be looking at the Silverwood Combo Scope.

Blacklight allows players to customise their guns on a part-by-part basis. This includes options to change the muzzle, barrel, and of course, the scope itself. Whilst each part is crucial, the scope can decide a weapon’s effectiveness.

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What is it?

At 3.00x zoom, the Silverwood Combo Scope features a standard red dot in the centre of the sight. It also a hexagonal outline. Unlike other scopes, it has a simplistic reticle, meaning targeting opponents is easy.

The other key statistic is a 0.23 second scope-in time. This means it will take just under a quarter of a second to zoom in once a player aims down the sight.

This scope costs 1400GP to buy on a permanent basis. It will take around ten matches to earn enough points. It also costs 150 Zcoins. But, it is best to save Zcoins for major items like primary weapons, armour and depot items.

It is available for rental with just 120GP for 24 hours, which is always recommended.

Silverwood Combo Scope in Menu

All scopes have a preview of the reticle, but as with anything else, it’s still best to see the scope in practice

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Maximising potential

As a medium-range scope, this is best suited for weapons of a medium range of fire. The Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, and the M4X Rifle are just three.

The scope isn’t limited to primary weapons either. Secondaries like the Revolver and Machine Pistol can also have a scope.

Despite being a ‘closed’ scope (meaning it will block the sides of the screen), you can see outside of it.

This allows one to detect any danger quicker, in comparison to other scopes of the same zoom.

Scope Comparison

A comparison of four of different scopes is above. It is important to select the right scope for the right weapon

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Importance of a scope

The best thing to do is to ensuring a scope’s zoom complements a weapon’s range. Playing style is another important factor that is often overlooked. There is little point in having a long-range scope whilst fighting in close quarters.

Once players become experienced, they will try various combinations for a challenge.

In regards to getting the most kills and wining more matches, it is best to keep things simple, and not too clever.

No-Scope Kill

Or, you could just be cocky anyway and not aim down the sights at all

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Is it worth it?

It is difficult to say whether any scope in the game is ‘worth it’. Each player will have use their own weapons, their own style of play, and their favourite scopes.

The Silverwood Combo Scope is at least worth a try, and it is better than other scopes around its level of zoom. The Krane Tactical Scope and EMI ACOG Scope have the same zoom, but longer scope-in times.

Each scope has its own uses, and there are many variables for effectiveness. Whilst it is not the answer you’re looking for, it is best to try each scope out, and see what is best for you!


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