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Grand Theft Auto Online: Make Money Fast with VIP Work

The latest update of GTA Online, named Import/Export, includes new vehicles and CEO jobs. New content includes ‘Special Vehicles’, designed for use in SecuroServ missions. This includes the Ruiner 2000, based on KITT from Knight Rider. At a whopping $5,745,600, it would take almost two months of gameplay to earn enough to buy one (at a rate of $100,000 a day). Even with the discounted price at $4,320,000, it is still excessive.

Whilst Rockstar’s Shark Cards give you a huge injection, the Megalodon – giving $8,000,000 – costs £60 in real money. That’s more expensive than the game was at release! With this, you can buy a Buzzard, a high-end supercar (with mods), a CEO office, and warehouse. This isn’t considering apartments, plus items like weapons and clothes. With inflated prices on vehicles and such, this guide aims to offer a fast way to make money.

Please be aware the methods described below involve completing various SecuroServ VIP work. This means you need a CEO office ($1,000,000), and a vehicle warehouse ($1,500,000) to begin with.

First thing’s first

The biggest challenge of making money in GTA Online comes from within. Whether it’s buying/selling or Haulage, other players will be out to sabotage any VIP work you set out to do. To make the process easier, you need to configure your connection in a way that puts you in a solo public lobby. This allows you to be on your own, and start VIP work (solo sessions do not allow this).

Connection can be set within the console’s network settings. The one setting which needs to cthange is the ‘MTU’. In simple terms, the lower the number this is, the worse your connectivity to other players will be. It will often be set at 1500 (the most), but set it to a lower number. An MTU of 800 is low enough to stop players from joining, but high enough to remain stable in the session.

When this is set up, start the game. Upon joining an online session, you should be on your own. As you are solo in a public lobby, you can become a SecuroServ CEO, making various jobs available. This includes Sightseer, Headhunter, and Vehicle Cargo, the missions exploited here.

Doing business

Each time you complete VIP work, there is a ‘cooldown’ timer. This disables any new jobs, until the timer reache zero. The idea is to complete jobs in an order which minimises cooldown, increasing the rate of income. As you complete one, another should become available. Before we explore this, let’s go through each job.

The simplest is Sightseer. There are three packages, which appear on the GPS after beating hack puzzles. If the packages are within short distances of each other, it takes around 5 minutes to complete. If situated at opposite ends of the map, it could take up to 10 minutes. There are no police, attackers or other caveats which make it difficult. The prize for completing this is $22,500.

Next is Headhunter. This consists of eliminating four targets; two of which are in armoured cars, so focus on these first. Otherwise, if you take out the two static enemies first, the cars may now be on the other side of the map. Destroy the vehicles with explosives, such as sticky bombs or RPGs (easy if you have a Buzzard). On average, it takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Payouts can be anywhere from $20,000-$22,000.

For Vehicle Cargo, there are two parts. The first involves collecting vehicles in various missions. These vary in difficulty, length, and format. Objectives include stealing cars from a crime scene, to locating them from a photo. Most of the time, there will be attackers and police in the way. Depending on the mission, it can take 5-10 minutes.

Once vehicles become stored, deliver them to the buyer, whilst avoiding attackers. It takes 2-5 minutes to export a vehicle on a clean run (with no crashes). If choosing to sell to a specialist dealer, expect between $70,000-$80,000 a go.

Example sequence

The table below shows the amount of money made in an hour, with missions completed in specific order. Please be aware this would be a best-case scenario, with no mistakes made.

Mission Money Notes
1 Headhunter $22,000 Buzzard recommended
2 Source car $0 Time dependent on mission format
3 Sell car $80,000 Top-range car (e.g. Proto X80)
4 Sightseer $22,000 If packages are close to each other
5 Source car $0 Time dependent on mission format
6 Headhunter $22,000 Buzzard recommended
7 Sightseer $22,000 If packages are close to each other
8 Sell car
$80,000 Top-range car (e.g. Proto X80)
9 Headhunter $22,000 Buzzard recommended
10 Source car $0 Time dependent on mission format
11 Sell car $80,000 Top-range car (e.g. Proto X80)
12 Sightseer $22,000 If packages are close to each other
TOTAL $372,000

This does not account for buying items, vehicle damage, and longer missions formats. To be more realistic by including deductions and longer missions, you could make $300,000 to $325,000 an hour.

Other tips

Easy Headhunter

Headhunter is a lot easier if you have a Buzzard. This allows you to hover behind moving targets, and take them out from a distance with missiles.

Always source top-range cars

Fill the warehouse with all standard and mid-range cars, and never export them. What should happen is everytime you import a new vehicle, it should always be top-range. This means you will be able to export these for the highest payouts possible.

Combining other jobs

There are missions other than Sightseer and Headhunter. You can mix in Hostile Takeover, Asset Recovery and Special Cargo missions. If you have purchased special vehicles, jobs like Plowed and Transporter add variation.

The more the merrier

SecuroServ organisations allow up to three associates. Friends can join your ‘private’ lobby, and be involved. Just be aware that when exporting vehicles, associates don’t make anywhere near the money CEOs do.

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